"Solo Exhibition, Hunterdon Art Museum, 20019"

Art came to Chatfield at an early age. Her father, a mechanical engineer with a strong artistic side, recognized her potential and arranged oil painting lessons at 14. Before lessons began she would study color theory and only after she could mix any color her teacher selected could painting begin. This early organic understanding of color has shown itself in her work.

As she progressed it would be Sargent that would set the bar. Technically there still is no greater master.

Manets and Whistlers subtle palette and Picasso’s fluid line-work were inspirations as well. As she moved into abstraction she was heavily influenced by Gorky, Guston, Diebenkorn, Kline, dekooning and Rothko- wasn’t everyone!

Maureen Chatfield

Maureen Chatfield

Art Students League, NY

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia

Fashion Institute of Technology, NY

Hunter College, NY

Studied with Jean Buckly, Ron Lent, Robert Saxton, Stuart Shils.